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A message from

David Stevens

A very warm welcome to the 6th edition of The Advantage

and to all our readers across the globe.

Each month the AWL marketing team sits down and decides

which articles to include in the latest edition. Although we

are always full of ideas, I would like to reach out to our

readership and ask if you feel you have a story or subject to

share. Please do not hesitate to send me an email. I would

be only too pleased to run through it with you.

Our key focus this issue is the environment, introducing

the latest fuel-efficient method of 'platooning' lorries. It's a

fascinating glimpse into a greener future for us all, and of

particular relevance to AWL with our long-term commitment

to reducing emissions.

You will notice we have again provided a feature on

dangerous goods with developments

relating to the movement of Lithium

Metal Batteries. We will always keep our

readership updated if there is news to

share of such importance to the industry.

Enjoy the read!

David Stevens

Managing Director

Advantage Worldwide (UK) Limited


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