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A message from

David Stevens


ow would I describe this industry of ours? Exciting,

interesting and above all, challenging! A fair percentage

of stores would be empty without us doing what we do here

at Advantage Worldwide. It is our aim to continue to expand

into new markets by providing the very high levels of service

and expertise that our customers have come to expect.

We have continued 2014 where we left 2013: we can

report record tonnage levels across the board with a

marked increase in exports. A deliberate government policy

that appears to be reaping dividends for UK PLC!

What you see on our website's newsfeed is just the

beginning. We will be looking to provide new, value-added

services, while investing heavily in developing our operations

at head office as well as regional facilities.

One of our goals this year is to gain a deeper understanding

of our customers' requirements and to identify the best and

most cost-effective solutions for them: 'Value added the

Advantage way'! We would be delighted to discuss how we

can provide the same for you.

David Stevens

Managing Director

Advantage Worldwide

(UK) Limited


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