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Advantage Worldwide Glasgow has

begun working closely with a Scottish

Pet transportation company, who are

members of IPATA (International Pet and

Animal Transportation association), to

help them move a variety of special pets

throughout the world.

Glasgow Regional manager, Kenneth

Brodie along with our pet transportation

customer have finalised meetings with a

local vet clinic regarding special customs

and documentation requirements for

future transportations.

This is vital to ensure we can provide

and offered shippers and pet

owners complete peace of

mind when exporting

or importing their

furry friends.

For more information



or import of pets

Transporting pets across the globe

furry flyers Flying Hamsters

We will see our first

movement to Hong Kong

from Glasgow in March. This

consists of three hamsters

and guinea pigs! AWL

Glasgow will have a further

two shipments of furry flyers

to Canada and Dubai. An

update of the pets and their

exciting trips to follow…

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