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There are increasing regulations and

pressures from shippers to ensure the

safe carriage of pharmaceutical products. At

the recent Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical

conference in London, it was made clear that

logistics firms will have to comply with the new

regulations in place.

Logistics companies transporting or holding

medicines for people or animals, may need

to attain Wholesale Distribution Authorisation

(WDA) from the UK's Medicines and

Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

(MHRA), or ensure relevant parties in the

supply chain are compliant.

MHRA Inspector, Cheryl Blake, warned

forwarders, handlers and carriers that they may

have to comply with this rule. She confirmed

that any UK company exporting, holding or

storing medicines needs a WDA. This includes

freight consolidators or forwarders, Customs

sheds and bonded facilities.

"Transport, ie moving without storing for

unjustified periods of time, does not need a

WDA," she explained. "We are not trying to

bury you in paperwork, and it is unlikely that a

forwarder will require a WDA unless they are

'holding' a product."


Pharmaceutical producers

combine ingredients precisely,

under specific conditions, while

negotiating a maze of stringent

regulations and quality controls.

Companies that move or store

pharmaceutical products must

meet similar demands:

n Many drugs are highly sensitive

to temperature

n Some drugs are extremely


n All are subject to a complex

array of government regulations


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