Fantasy football

The winner of the Manager of the Month is Alex Nuth. Alex

works in the AWL London office on the Seafreight Import team

Current league standings after week21: top 6 teams

AWL Fantasy Football

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The next Manager

of month award will

include all scores

and matches from 1

January- 21 March

inclusive. The winner

will be the highest

points earner for the

period, so you don't

have to be TOP to win

this prize. Good luck…

Team Manager GW TOT

1 Need for Gary Speed Chris Rawlings 57 1,030

2 Bostock Stanley Jeff Parker 74 1,003

3 Covaris F.C Darren Ellis 68 994

4 RAMSEYS REVENGE Alex Nuth 59 988

5 Moore Than Logistics Simon Barnes 82 983

6 FIFA 15 Lee Rogerson 69 961


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