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The main reason that Ford offers the MIV service is to provide early warning of

any potential failures, allowing the returned engines to be examined and any

faults investigated by the team at the Dunton Technical Centre. By having the

full engine available, the team can utilise all of the facilities in the laboratories

to determine what has caused the engine to fail. This allows the engineering

teams to rapidly put a fix in place to protect future customers.

In 2019, the process has changed slightly as it has now been outsourced to

AWL Automotive Division. However, the same expert engineering teams are

involved. The service is used on the new technology engines, including the

petrol Ecoboost, 1.0-litre Fox Upgrade, 1.5-litre Dragon and the new 2.3-litre

engine used in the All-New Ford Focus ST. Diesel engines are also covered,

including the new EcoBlue in both 2.0-litre and 1.5-litre form.

Franklin Gothic ITC BT (TT)To order a replacement engine via MIV, a dealership

can contact the team using the dedicated telephone number 01932 758999

or email us via the link below.


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