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The company was established in 2011, formed as a self-funded project

that designed printed clothing and accessories. After winning a t-shirt

printing competition, the HYPE brand's first batch of stock sold out in

a matter of hours. The fashion start-up harnessed social networking to

rapidly expand and it outgrew the single room it was created in.

As the brand's publicity states:

"What started with a simple

script over a floral print t-shirt

and a tongue and cheek lighter

has snowballed into what HYPE

is today".

AWL is dressed for success this Autumn with the signing

of a three-year deal with Just Hype Limited to manage

its new 50,000sqft facility in Leicester. The new facility

is due to be ready by mid-December in time for the

SS20 season stocking.

Visit HYPE's website >


January 2020 will see AWL's rebranding programme roll out. This new

look for the new decade, will initially with a fresh website design, which

will also bring all the Group's divisions onto a single platform. Watch this

space for updates!



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